Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hello Long, Lost Blog!

Hi there everyone! My apologies for not posting in forever! Things have been hectic - busy with my full-time job and lots of family stuff going on. The end of the school year is always a chaotic time for my husband and our family (he's a high school band director). Thankfully, graduation is this weekend and things will start to settle down around here.

In the meantime, I just wanted to post really quick and say hello! I have some big changes on the way and I can't wait to get those all together and share them. Part of that includes working on a new web site! I can't wait to begin sharing some of my new ideas with you!

I do promise to have some new pictures up soon. I'm looking forward to a family session coming up and also an engagement/bridal session for a friend (I have absolutely no desire to do weddings, but I'm definitely up for having some fun doing a couple session and bridal pictures!). More to come on those soon!

I hate to leave without posting a picture or two, so here's a quick couple of pictures of my Harrison (decked out in his fireman gear :-). I think it's also very fitting - given all this rain we've been having! Have a great week!

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