Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Friday! I only have a few minutes, but just had to share a recent session with this gorgeous family! They were the sweetest and Miss H was a doll - the absolute sweetest child! We had a great time and beat the heat and bugs in the fields near the Horse Park. We had the most amazing field to work with!

Anyway, here you go guys - I hope you love them! This is only the first few and I have so many more great ones to go through! I'll be sure to share others here later. And don't worry K, I got so many cute ones of you and Miss H! I couldn't even begin to pick some of the precious ones of Miss H picking flowers - it was the cutest thing. Enjoy!

One minor disclaimer - I just moved all of my editing software and things over to a new computer. I'm still working out the kinks on color and all that good stuff. Give me a shout out if these look funny to you :-) Hopefully I'll get it all sorted out soon here! Have a great weekend!