Friday, November 14, 2008

An Overdue Sneak Peek!

This is an overdue sneak peek for the J and G families.  These little cuties are from two families (they're all cousins).  In the first picture, the two on the top right are twins!  Their adorable brother is to the left of them.  And the sweet little one year old is their cousin (she just turned one and is the cutest thing walking around!).  I've got many, many more to go through and am so happy I have a few more group ones where everyone is looking at me - ha!

These are a handful I worked on this week and wanted to share.  What cute kids they all were! You can tell from below that I haven't gotten to the boys' pictures yet.  I promise I'll be getting to those soon!  I started mostly with the ones of one-year-old Miss "M" and am working my way through all of the kiddos - slowly, but surely!  It always takes a little longer with multiple kids - so many cute little faces though :-) 

Anyway - wanted to post these before I head out of town.  Our new niece arrived Wednesday night, so we're hoping to meet her this weekend!  Hopefully these new pics will hold me over until I can get back with some new posts next week.  Thanks for letting me have a go at these cuties!  Kids, I hope you got your ice cream :-)

Mmmmm, hands are yummy!

"M" cruising around... I love this age because they can't go too fast or too far from you!  Did I mention adorable Miss "M" is my cousin (2nd cousin to be exact!)?

We were fighting some full sun, but we made it work!  

I love this one :-)

Miss "G" thinks pictures are exhausting :-)  I'm always a sucker for the serious faces!  I do think I have one of her smiling - she was such a good sport!  Her outfit just looked too perfect with my yellow chair (have I mentioned I love to buy old chairs and repaint them - then distress them all over again?  Much to Shawn's dismay, I'm building quite a collection in the garage :-)

Now if this picture doesn't make you smile, then something must be wrong with you!  How adorable is this?  I bought this little rocker for $5 at an antique store.  I have been trying to find "free time" to re-paint it and distress it.  But, luckily my mom convinced me to throw it into the car and take it along even though I hadn't re-done it yet.  The size was just to perfect for an itty-bitty like Miss "M!"  So yeah, guess Mom was right :-)  (Did I really just admit that?!)

More to come later - including some pics of those handsome boys!  Oh - and maybe an "out take" or two.  With 4 kids under the age of 5, we got some good ones :-)

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  I just had one more quick one to share for Miss "S" and her family.  Her expression here cracks me up!  Too cute not to post :-)  Isn't her dress adorable?  I just love it!  

I'll be back later with one other sneak peek!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Session Availability Update

Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying this great fall weather we're having. The colors outside are just amazing! We were in our hometown of Auburn, AL this past weekend for the homecoming game and we took Harrison out for some pictures in the gorgeous leaves. He had a great time throwing them in the air :-) I'll post pictures soon!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm almost booked up through December. I may be able to work out one more December date, but I'll most likely be scheduling next appointments in January 2009. I'm only taking a small number of sessions between now and the end of December. In addition to Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, we're planning a trip to Birmingham, AL any day now to visit our soon-to-arrive niece! But if you're interested in a session soon, please email me and we'll get a date set as soon as possible. Have a great day everyone!