Friday, March 27, 2009


Awwww - look who's back!  My niece (now at 4 months)!  Her shirt just sums her up perfectly :-) These were just a couple of impromptu pictures we did in the back yard this past weekend (when the weather was so beautiful - not like the rainy mess we've had these past few days!).  In the first one, you can see her mind was not on the camera - she was thinking about food!  I love seeing babies were their cute little fingers in their mouths though - it's so s.w.e.e.t :-)  I'll have to try and get more so you can see the incredible cuteness of this bunny hat I had made.  It's so precious! Happy Friday and enjoy!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hangin' in Old Town Conyers

Happy Friday!  Just wanted to pop on and share a few of my Harrison :-)  It felt so great to pick the camera back up and hang out with him to do some pictures. These were done in the super cool Old Town Conyers area.  I just love all the colors and "shabby" looks there!  It's a great place for fun portraits, that's for sure.  Harrison brought one of his favorite bulldozers and of course we had to incorporate "him" into a few pictures!  I think I'll be putting a storyboard together with some of these and a few others I have of him playing "bulldozer man" (as he calls it!). Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Ok, so I know it doesn't look like a lot to those of you further north, but to us it was a lot!  We were in Auburn, AL this past weekend at my parents house and had the strangest weather.  We woke up to tornadoes on Saturday and then it was hot that afternoon.  It was so odd to wake up Sunday morning to snow! And lots of it!  In Auburn, it started around 6 that morning and went on through the afternoon.  I think there was at least 3 inches at my parents house before we had to leave (the snow is pretty to look at, but a mess to drive in!).  

We drove back through the snow and ice to Atlanta and it snowed here well through the night.  I know we got at least 4 inches at our house - it was so beautiful!  Anyway, here are just a few quick shots from Auburn when Harrison first went out into the snow.  His makeshift "snow boots" were some old garden boots my mom had that we slipped over his shoes - ha!  Enjoy!

Not quite sure what to think!

Deciding he likes  it after all...

My mom made the cutest little mini Auburn snowman (War Eagle!)